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Do you want to build great software and work in a sustainable, planet friendly way?

Take practical steps towards working sustainably.

Our initial workshop enables you to take practical steps towards working sustainably and reducing emissions from software.  It

provides an opportunity to consider how you are building and delivering software intensive products, and where you could be more efficient, making the most of your budget and the carbon you use.


It helps make sense of your situation and determine concrete steps to work in sympathy with the planet.  We offer tailored advice and facilitate setting of achievable goals, generation of options and determine how to make and measure progress. You'll leave the workshop with useful steps that you can make the next day. 

We care and intend to make a difference.  We are here to support you as you progress and experiment, discovering new ways to make a positive difference..  We understand IT departments and how they work, including agile and DevOps. We have decades of experience building software, improving ways of working and coaching teams.  The big stuff matters and so does the small,  every team has a part to play in reducing carbon emissions, and often you can start, and make an impact, right away.


Benefits / Takeaways

Strong sense of direction and how to achieve business goals whilst working sustainably

Achievable  Actions / Initiatives specific to your team and organisation. (or work, or tech stack)


A plan? short/medium long term initiatives, e.g sphere of influence. (nice to have on the wall to form a narrative arc).


Ways to monitor and assess progress


An understanding of the range of options and approaches to reducing the impact of designing, building and operating software services and products.


Intended Audience

This workshop works at the scale of your team, we adapt the format and exercises to the level of influence that you have, and what you want to achieve.  

We often work with technical teams and IT Leadership, Delivery Leads, Agile Coaches, Architect and Tech Leads, Operations and SRE.    

Pricing and What’s included

Discovery call to tailor content to your organisation and goals

Workshop day for up to twelve remote attendees

Two, one hour follow up calls to check and support progress

Introductory Offer: £4,000+VAT.  

This workshop is a good opportunity to get your team together and we are happy to host in person.  In person expenses are at cost by prior arrangement.

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